Monday, March 7, 2011

The Home Stretch

Poor Lambert. He is going to need a massage when we get home. he made me delete the photo because his shirt was off.... modesty you know?

Lets go daddy!
Sweetest boy ever!!
The Trooper

Those eyes! were in big trouble. she can be a stinker!
Our sweet blessings.

She loves the computer. TROUBLE and pushing buttons.

Daddy Love

Lambert just left me alone with her while she is napping, I am praying she doesn't wake up while they're out... Did I mention we are ready to be home??? Well we are. It has been a wonderful experience here in Guangzhou, but we are done... we want bbq and fajitas. We had a romantic idea of taking her for Chinese when we arrived in Texas... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. We won't be eating Chinese for a while. Libbie is doing great. Day by day she reveals another layer of herself to us. We say everyday how we are amazed at her will and determination. She wants to do everything herself and then she looks to daddy to make sure he marvels at her success. She always hangs on to food no matter what. As long as she has food in both fists she is ready for anything. Hoot continues to amaze us too. He is such a great kiddo. I know this trip has been hard on him and at times he's had some meltdowns. We wouldn't have it any other way than having him with us. He's experienced so much and really feels a part of it all. He got to take his first taxi ride today which he thought was totally awesome. He can't wait to share all his experiences with his friends back at school.

We have done all that we know to do here on the island and we are going stir crazy. I confirmed our flights today so we are ready to go. I have all the goodies purchased and just a few more things to do on my checklist. I am so intrigued by the culture and the people in Guangzhou. We have seen sights that we could never have dreamed and it has been good for all of us. When we first talked about travel Lambert really didn't want to come. I am so glad that he did and that we experienced this together. There is no way I could have communicated everything to him. It's been good for our marriage. I feel closer to my family than ever. We are a little four unit family drawing close to each other and closer to the Lord. Hoot has sung so many hymns while were out and about today he sang "Oh no you never let go through the calm and through the storm Lord you never let go of us" How fitting and appropriate for this little journey we've been on. I think I have hummed Great is thy faithfulness everyday... I can't sing to save my life but i can make a joyful noise for certain!

I' ve taken more photos than I can share. I made the mistake of buying a new camera the day before we left... i don't recommend doing that. A lot of my shots have been blurry or the ISO was off... what was I thinking... well i know what i was thinking... I can figure this out on the plane ride over. I'll have nothing better to do... well most of the learning comes by trial and error. I don't think the other passengers would have approved the flashes while I tried out my new toy!

We are so grateful for the prayers and support. We truly have felt them and the peace that has come from them is amazing... Amazing his how I would describe our entire experience. I have been amazed every second of every day. Amazed by my husband, my son, my family and friends, the people here, the culture, MY BIG BIG God!! We have discovered through this adventure just how small we are and how very big He is. I have witnessed just how much better his ways our than my ways. He has a plan for each of us and he will provide if we will but just follow and submit.
shes awayke!!!! PRAY.....

I am still clinging to psalm 34. He will take away my fear and with him anything is possible. How great is that?


  1. You can see by the pics.....SHE IS COMING ALIVE! How wonderful! We could not be happier for all 4 of you! Owen is such a trooper, we are so proud of him! Your dad is in such awe over what you and Stephen are doing and you know how much your dad loves you, he has always loved Stephen, but this whole experience has your dad putting Stephen a little higher on a pedestal!
    Safe Travels and look forward to you getting home and sharing stories!
    Much Love, Denise

  2. Her smile is so big:)I love it!!!! It is absolutely amazing Shelley.!!! I love how Libbie is revealing herself little by little. I am certain she has even more surprises in store for you. I know that she is going to open up to you and you will see how close your bond is. I have shared with a few other adoptive Moms...that while I love all of my children equally my bond with Kate is amazing because I had to EARN her trust and EARN her was not automatic like when the boys were born. They were born loving me. She was not. You will each Libbie's trust and love and it will be greater than you can imagine.

    You are in the home stretch now!!! In just 2 days, you will be back in TX! See ya soon:)


  3. Found you thru 3Peanuts and truly enjoy "adoption" thru your journey. Thank you for allowing us to journey on this "not so easy" journey. Looking forward to seeing this precious child to reveal the many layers that are yet to be uncovered.

  4. Oh I so identify with you and your feelings! I am missing Mexican food from Texas sooooo badly! I agree with what you wrote about coming closer together. I feel like I have relied on Craig every day here, verses at home we were both in our own groove in our own worlds. I love the pictures and her bright eyes and smile - wow, she looks so happy! Prayers for the journey home!

  5. Shelly she is adorable and I am beyond happy for all of you. I cant imagine being without El Toro for that long. lol I agree with Lesley that she will love you like we do before you know it. So glad she has Stephen right now what an awesome daddy. Love and miss you,
    Kelli Going