Friday, March 25, 2011

Specific Instructions

So today, Lambert and Hoot went for haircuts after school... I was going to go with them but couldn't stay so I dropped them off and then came back (to the horror). The last time I took Hoot for a haircut we decided he could have his first real big boy cut. It was way too short and looked ridiculous. He spiked his bangs what he had of bangs. His ears looked huge because he had no hair to mask them. (It's a family curse, I have them too) It was a disaster. So, it took a while but we finally grew it out long enough to go back to the old hairstyle (or a big boy version of it). I told Lambert, whatever you do, don't let them cut it too short. I want a weighted hair line in the back, use a #3 blade to shave the undercut, and layer up the top, leave the sideburns and keep it shaggy... pretty specific...................... I knew it wasn't good when Lambert called me to see where I was. I heard it in his voice, the sound of fear. The conversation went like this, First he came right out and told me I was going to be really mad, then he told me that he was very clear with the NEW girl of what we wanted.(NEVER get the new girl) They were very busy so he got his cut at the same time and before he could see what was happening, the buzzing had commenced and there was no turning back. He asked his stylist what happened and she said, is it too short???? Well it's one step away from a flat top. He could enlist in the armed forces with this cut. Hoot's hair really makes him.(i am fully aware hair doesn't really make a person) He's got GREAT hair and I have no problem styling it for him. It will take all summer to grow this one out. What you can't see from the photo is the butchered crown. It's a cross between a rooster and Edward Sissorhands. No amount of product will lay it down. He was so proud when I picked them up. My eyes welled up when I spotted his ears from across the parking lot. Where was my sweet boy? Was he somewhere behind the burr? All I could see were the ears and the big toothy grin. I loathe the mohawks and flat top styles these days. I told you I'm way traditional. If he would fit in a Shortall for Easter, he would certainly be in one this year. He's not too big for a peter pan collar under a pastel sweater vest, but we certainly can't pull that off with this new do... Instead I'll be shopping for a punk rock t-shirt and ripped jeans. Why do some stylist not hear what you tell them? Long layers, #3 blade... it's a safe cut. I am certain a #3 blade was never attached to the clippers. She told Lambert, "oh I know just what you want" It's like ordering in a drive thru... you ask for a #3 with a diet coke and you get a #2 extra pickles with a dr. pepper... I really try not to sweat the small stuff, but come on. I was so hoping to do beach photos and a brother/sister portrait in the next few weeks... I'll have to wait or he'll have to wear a ball cap.

He's still pretty cute, but looks too old for this momma. I'm not ready for big boy hair. He's still sweet and little.


  1. Hey Momma.....I love his cut! I have to say with that cut he looks even more a bit like Papa Truman! Looks just like Papa's cut. I know what you mean though, when you know what you want and that's not what you get.....but it will grow out and it isn't bad at all, just not what you are use to or wanted. I think the cut makes him even more handsome, and yes....he looks older, but you know Mom he is 6 and 1/2! LOL! Hoot Rocks!

  2. He looks precious!
    But, I hear you... went through a similar botched haircut crisis with my eldest about 7 months ago - still growing out the crown layers :-)
    Good thing their hair grows fast!

  3. I get it Shelly. I really do. Whenever I send Dave to get haircuts for the boys, they come back with bad cuts. BUT think he looks ADORABLE! And I think he will still look adorable in a sweater vest and Peter Pan collar for Easter;)

    Loved seeing you the other day. PLEASE call whenever you are in that part of town if you want company. I love BW and would join y'all next time to eat:)


  4. Oh Shelly...He REALLY looks adorable! Oh my goodness, and I personally cannot see the "ear issue"...I think it makes him look grown up and that is probably the hardest part...I do understand wanting one thing and getting something else, and then wishing you would have just taken him yourself...BUT I agree with Kim, he will still look adorable in a sweater vest!

  5. I love his hair, My son likes his hair really short too,although I prefer it a little longer, he too has beautiful dark hair. But he being my youngest I've just learned to go with it. My older son on the other hand liked his hair too long, but you have to pick your battles with kids. You son is adorable no matter what lenght his hair is.

  6. I lived through the horror of the bad cut with one of my girls too, when my dh took her for a haircut. My dd and I both cried about it for days (but it did finally grow out).
    I know you don't want your son to grow up too quickly, but he really does look adorable with the new style. :-)
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

  7. Ok, you know I like long hair for boys, Luke is one step away from needing a ponytail, but I have to disagree with you on this one. Owen looks great! Unless you just got a fabulous photo and it really looks bad in real life, I think it's great. I'm with you though, I don't like it when the kids get a cut or do something that makes them look too grown up. It goes by too fast!