Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Red Sofa... Out takes

Sweet boy.. mamas helper Daddy's getting her ready

I'm outta here!
Wait for it... wait for it...
Here it comes....
Thank goodness for Gege Big Brother
Here it comes!!!!
Get that woman with the camera outta my face!!
Maybe if I kinda smile she'll leave me alone.

Make her smile daddy Baba
She babbles in Chinese. I can't understand her but I'm certan whatever she's saying is disrespectful. she can really tell me off.

I looked all over for this dress. it's hard to find because new styles have come out. i love the way the black contrasts against the red sofa.
Please be done. please be done...
Sausage sasuage yummy yummy

She is stunning and captivates us with those eyes. were in big trouble Well I told you it was coming. i soooo copied Lisa's photos of Regan from Long Road to China. However.... I don't know how to use my camera yet and my girl was not quite as cooperative as little Regan. She loves sasuage links so we let her keep one in her hand or near by and that kept her at peace for a bit.


  1. Libbie is so beautiful and perfect. I love seeing all the pictures. Have a safe flight home.

  2. You are truly on the home stretch now!!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Blessings for a safe, and VERY UN-EVENTFUL trip home! Give Kim and Kate a hug from me!


  3. Oh how cute. Her little dress is so cute. I am not sure I've seen a black one before. Are y'all with a travel group? I am thinking not. LOVE her smile:)

  4. I missed this post! I love her....she is even more beautiful in person!!!