Monday, March 21, 2011



Is this not the BEST dining room you've EVER seen?? I'm a traditional gal and love everything about this room. I know I've been posting A LOT about our newest family member and all of our family DRAMA, so I thought I would lighten it up a bit and give you some spring decorating inspiration. My dining room is VERY similar to this one. I'm thinking I want to 'tweak' things just a bit. I'm hoping for the silhouettes for my birthday (they are from here I have the perfect place for them... and I already have the blue transferware to hang above them. You can read more about Tessas dining room transformation here.. She has created a beautiful space with the help of the ever so talented Holly Mathis (from Houston by the way...)

Happy Reading... PS today was an absolute JOY for me and The Doll... she kissed me for the first time on her own!!!! BLISS, Pure bliss!


  1. Yay about the kiss...what an answered prayer!

    That is amazing! I want you to come REALLY look at my kitchen and living room and help me change things without spending a fortune! I am sick of faux finish.... (Marc will die!!!)
    We will talk more about it later!!!

  2. Little steps everyday...and today a KISS!!!! Praises!!!
    I love this dining room...I will have to check out the blog you mentioned!!

  3. Yay for kisses!!!!

    LOVE that dining room:)

  4. Oh I love hearing how you and the doll are bonding. I look forward to handing you food and peeking at the doll in a few days!!!

  5. PS--that is a very pretty and welcoming dining room:)

  6. Have just spent about thirty minutes reading your blog... Hopped over from Kim's. I know today was such a blessing for you.