Monday, March 28, 2011

Surfs Up

So if you know us, you know we LOVE Galveston. I know it's not on the travel channel's list of top beach destinations, but we love sneaking away for just a night or for a weekend getaway. I always feel like I'm on vacation even though it's only a 45 minute drive. I love to walk the strand, pick up a cherry pie ice cream cone from LaKings Confectionery. (cherry pie ice cream at LaKing's is the best flavor I've ever had and I don't care for cherry pie). We ALWAYS eat on the seawall at our favorite haunt, Bennos, for gumbo and shrimp. Sometimes we head to the beach and other times we just drive through the neighborhood to stalk the beautiful homes. I love the shotgun houses with the maticulate front gardens and grand porches. I prefer looking at houses since I wont' step foot into Galveston Bay water... This weekend we headed for the beach. I fear flesh eating bacteria. Lambert calls me CRAZY. I usually collect sea shells while he risks his and Hoots lives in the dirty water. I try not to think about it. SERIOUSLY.

Lambert bought Hoot a boogie board and he has been DYING to try it out all week. The water was REALLY cold and The Doll, did not care for the rushing waves AT ALL. She was perfectly content basking on the beach tearing down the sand castles I constructed for her. She watched Hoot surf from a distance and squealed with delight when I cheered for him. She had no idea what I was cheering about, but she likes to hear her own LOUD voice so she cheered along. She loved the birds sweeping by calling to one another and she called right back too. Hoot was amazing. NO FEAR. He paddled out in true Keanu Reeves, Point Break form. (his hair is a little shorter) But he rode the fierce waves (on his belly) like a real surfer. This is the same boy that cries when Lambert rinses the (TEARLESS) shampoo from his hair every night!

We stopped at McCalister's Deli for large ice tea and then drove home. We ran early baths (hoot cried over the water in his eyes) and snuggled on the couch.Lambert tucked the kiddos into bed and fell fast asleep along with them. A sign of a great day! A helpful lesson we learned from Phil Mikcelson... always stop while the kids are still having fun. They will be excited to return again and again if you stop before they are worn out and cranky. Thanks Phil.


The beach photos are not what I was going for, but they will do for now. I think we need to go on a clear day near dusk. It was overcast and almost foggy.
We'll be investing in diaper covers for the next photo shoot!

she loves her daddy


The jellyfish we found. Hoot was sooooo intrigued. All he could talk about was the Nemo movie and how they are bad little stingers!

Hang Ten little Hoot!

I just love this picture. Where are her eyeballs?? She needs her sunglasses!

He loved this!!


  1. Diaper cover or not, I still love the one of Daddy throwing her up in the air. The look of pure joy on her face! What a great day!

  2. Oh Sal....these are priceless pics! Love them all! Hoot is so darn cute on his boogie board and the ones of Daddy throwin the doll in the air can bring tears to g-parents eyes!

  3. Looks like such a GREAT family day!!! Libbie and Hoot BOTH look so happy!!!!

    Believe it or not, even though we go to Galveston, we have not been to the ice cream place or the other restaurant you mentioned. We'll have to give them a try. Our ids just LOVE the beach and that water. Like you, I used to loathe the water there. But it looks A LOT cleaner than it used to years ago. Looks like lots of seaweed this weekend.

    PS I have diaper covers I think that you can have...let me look for them.

  4. Yay for Hoot!!

    I love the pictures of her high up in the precious:)

  5. We LOVE the beach too! I am having some pretty major beach house withdrawals right now. I miss my little "Getaway." Maybe some day we'll have another one, and y'all can join us there! :) Every time I see pictures of Libbie, it makes me smile. What a blessing...for her and y'all!

  6. I'm new to your blog! What a beautiful family! These photos are amazing, the one of your daughter being thrown in the air by her Daddy is just too precious - definitely a framer! Much love!